Band Member Profiles


To chill out I: go dirt bike riding

I'm reading: "The Dirt" by Motley Crue

I'm drinking: all the time

I'm eating: cookie dough

The thing i do worst is: arrive on time

When I'm in a bad mood I: take it out on every one else

When I'm in a good mood I: sing

I find inspiration: behind the couch

The last website i visited was: Confessions of a Female Misogynist

My favorite films are: Donnie Darko, Pulp Fiction & Kung Pow

My favorite place is: the beach

I wish I was a: volvo

I am currently listening to: System of a Down

I currently hate: People who whistle through their nose when they breathe

Most annoying band member: They're all pretty cool

Funniest band member: Tommy Gun

Favorite phrase: "If you can't astound them with the truth, baffle them with bullshit"









































To chill out I: Drink tea & eat scones..lol..not really..

I'm reading: I can't atm..I lost my reading glasses :( If i could tho i'd be reading 'Sidney Sheldon, Are u afraid of the dark'..

I'm drinking: tley big cuppa :) 1 sugar (for future reference) :P

I'm eating: homemade pizza..

The thing I do worst is: Sing..i'm so bad but yet i still do it..oh yeah go singstar :).

When I'm in a bad mood I: Hide in my room and hope no-one disturbs me..or i clean the house..yeah i'm weird..i know..

When I'm in a good mood I: Talk too much, put on some music and do air guitar around the house..

I find inspiration: In life experiences & random drunken conversations :)

The last website I visited was: Ebay..

My favorite films are: Con Air, Ladder 49 & Vacancy

My favorite place is: Fiji..Naviti Resort..so beautiful!

I wish I was a: member of xmen.. I wanna be storm..she's my favourite :)

I am currently listening to: Shallow by Unwritten Law

I currently hate: Not having any milk..I want another tetley big cuppa. :(

Most annoying band member: Um... probably me...lol

Funniest band member: Me :) na not really, prob tony..he cracks me up!

Favourite phrase: Life is a journey, not a guided tour!



To chill out I: Watch tv/movie, play guitar, muck around in the garage, and drink beer

I'm reading: David Boon's greatest sporting jokes! I don't read much, has to be a good book for me to get into it

I'm drinking: Carlton Draught, or a good Shiraz

I'm eating: Steak, meat pies, dim sims and steak. Maybe steak sometimes.

The thing I do worst is: Clean the toilet.

When I'm in a bad mood I: Don't talk to anyone.

When I'm in a good mood I: Talk to anyone close by, and I can't sit still!

I find inspiration: In realistic people

The last website I visited was: gmail, can't live without it

My favorite films are: Saving Private Ryan, Top Gun, Band of Brothers, Full Metal Jacket, Finding Nemo

My favorite place is: The garage

I wish I was: a semi retired person, so I could do whatever I wanted, without having to go to work every day.

I am currently listening to: Hendrix, The Who, Guns n Roses, bit of Metallica, pretty much any good music!

I currently hate: TRAFFIC!!!!

Most annoying band member: None so far... Maybe me.....

Funniest band member: Bryn

Favourite phrase: Turn that frown, upside down! (normally results in me getting punched...)




To chill out I: have a quiet beer and watch some live music

I'm reading: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albon. Sucker for a weepy book.

I'm drinking: tequila or pepsi max

I'm eating: pizza. I’m always eating pizza. That is how in my own small way I am contributing to the obetitisty crisis. We have to play a part.

The things i do worse are: singing in tune, unless it is falseto, juggling, saying the word defibrillator, wearing socks  

When I'm in a bad mood I: sulk. Nobody sulks like me

When I'm in a good mood I: dance, talk really fast and generally be very noisy. Works well in an office environment I have found.

I find inspiration: in crazy people

The last website i visited was: YouTube. Some many people doing so many stupid things in front of video cameras

My favorite films are: The Princess Bride, Bob Roberts, Strange James, I Am Sam, Clerks

My favorite place is: anywhere I can be naked

I wish I was: smarter

I am currently listening to: System of a Down, Muse, Pennywise & much to my band mates disapointment My Chemical Romance

I currently hate: mornings and people who think the world owes them something.

Most annoying band member: I wish there was only one annoying band member

Funniest band member: Tom. His mind is crazy

Favorite phrase: "Have Fun"