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May 08

New Album, out on Monday 5th May

Well, we have all been busy recording and mixing the latest Zwish album, the "Max Power" Soundtrack. Bit of a long story behind where it came from, but basically we were asked to write a soundtrack for a US comedy, which unfortunately due to the writers strike, and other things, never got completed. However, we did get permission to release the album as our own.
If you have been tuned into the webcasts each Monday night, you would have already sampled some of the fine music, (think 70's/Austen Powers). The lyrics for the soundtrack are also available on our lyrics page.


For more info, don't forget to join the mailing list, so you can stay up to date on the release, and how to get hold of the new album, or visit the Max Power website.

New gig photo's

Photo's are up from our gig at the Pot Belly Bar, and photos from the Cancer Council Fundraiser will be up in the next few days. Keep an eye out for new photos.


We all had a great gig at the Lighthouse Bar, and managed to raise over $2000 for the ACT Cancer Council!



Now we realise that not everyone can make every zwish gig, as much as they'd like to, so starting from next Monday night we will be web casting a series of special 30 minute acoustic performances from the comfort of our basement for the whole world to watch. Yes at 8:30pm Australian Eastern Time, or 6:30am New York, 3:30am Los Angles, 11:30pm London or 12:30pm in Berlin you can watch us play through some old favorites, debut 3 new songs and generally be our silly selves. Don't worry if you miss it it will be taped and undoubtedly up on youtube. So before you go to bed next Monday, or go to work depending on where you are make sure you tune into our first ever webcast.



































We got reviewed, we got reviewed.....

Yes we got our first music review that was neither drunk, post gig, or from a family member. Juniors Cave, a magazine based in Georgia in the U.S, have been kind enough to review "Grip On Reality" and were even kinder in their review. "Zwish is a winning team with a musical presence that commands respect." We are a little chuffed. You can read the full review at.......

ZWISH Review


We got featured again in A Viking Radio Podcast........

John Tweeton over at Viking Radio has been good enough to feature us in their latest podcast ,
PodCast 50: "Thor Will, Thor Will Rock You PodCast". This time they featured Tom's favorite track
"I Am The Emotional Devil". With a listenership of over 10,000 people in the U.S it is pretty nice exposure for us. You can hear the full podcast at.....

PodCast 50: "Thor Will, Thor Will Rock You PodCast"



Jan 08 - New Video Clips
“Toy Boy” Video Clip – LEGO ANIMATION
The first video clip of “Grip On Reality” is a lego animation clip to the song “Toy Boy”. Stop animation is a time consuming process but the results are worth it. It is our best clip ever.
The clip was put together by Craig and Bryn. Craig being the more sensible one and Bryn, as we all know, thinks a little differently. You can pretty much guess who lead each of the different scenes once you have seen the clip.
We hope you like it. We love it.
You can download the clip from our video clips page.

10 Nov 07 - CD Launch Photos
Yes photos from the CD launch are now up online. Sexy pink pants, tartan skirt, yelling, screaming, actually the pink pants photos will be saved for another time, another place. We didn't know they were that tight. more….

7 Nov 07 - Podcast number five
This week we mull over a few songs that we recorded that didn't make the final CD. I'm sure they will see the light of day sometime. This week you are in for a special treat as you get to hear Bryn unleash his vocal chords on "Conversations with a Misogynist". Thankfully there is no singing by Bryn on the other 3 tracks "Fit Boy The Evangelist", "Don't Stay" & "Follow" more….

4 Nov 07 - "Grip On Reality" on the radio.
If you have been thinking that songs a little bit like zwish on the radio, well you could well be right. Our CD "Grip On Reality" has been picked up and played on over 40 radio stations around Australia. Now true, there is 700+ radio stations in Australia so it isn't exactly blanket coverage as such but it's a good start. We will be putting a complete list up on our website so that if you desire, you can request zwish on the radio.

31 Oct 07 - Podcast number four
We've gotten to podcats number 4. In it we talk about our Elvis rip off tune "She'll Be A Star", the S Club7 meets The Ramones tune "You Reduce Me To A Whisper Of What I Am" and of course our favorite "I Am The Emotional Devil". Yes it is the podcast with the longest song title names in it ever. more….


24 Oct 07 - "Grip On Reality" is launched.....
Last Friday night "Grip On Reality" was launch upon the unsuspecting world and it seems to have survived just fine so far. It was a great night, a fantastic celebration of the last year of our lives. A big thank you to all of you that came along and celebrated with us. Big thanks to Hayley and The Remainders for setting up the night perfectly for us. An extra special thanks to Erin and Mads who accepted the dare and sung with us on stage. If only Vikas and Steady had been so brave......

Now you can pay whatever you want.......
Yes, yes, Radiohead beat us to the punch but still we have set up "Grip On Reality", and all our previous CDs, as "pay what you want" downloads. Yes you can buy 1 track or 30 tracks and decide exactly what you want to pay. 1c, $1, $10 whatever you like, whatever you feel like. All you have to do is follow the following link, during peak times it can be a little slow more….

And once you have your songs of choice.....
You can find out what the songs are about by listening to the next in our series of podcasts. Believe we are up to number 3 already. We are rarely funnier, actually we probably aren't that funny, oh well. more….

15 Oct 07 - "Grip On Reality" is launched this Friday Night
Yes after a year of recording, editing, re-writing, happiness and tears we finally unleash "Grip On Reality" this Friday night at the Pot Belly Bar. The night stars at 8:30pm with Hayley, followed by "The Remainders" and we will be on stage at 10pm. $5 will get you in. Come and celebrate and have a few drinks with us. It should be crazy.

Now to get you in the mood.......
We've uploaded the 2nd single from "Grip On Reality", "I Am THe Emotional Devil" to our unearthed page for you to listen to. "I Am The Emotional Devil" takes the comment "you are un-datable because you would be my emotional devil" to its natural or even unnatural conclusion. Musically it is as over the top as we get. Horn section, strings, 80's style guitar riff, even some falsetto vocals. It is all there. Probably the most fun we have ever had recording. more

And so you can sing along.....
We've uploaded all the lyrics from "Grip On Reality" to the lyrics page of our website. We are sure you can have a good chuckle at some of them and some of them won't make to much sense without the music but still. more……

8 Oct 07 - Our 2nd podcast......
Zak having read Tom's tales, quizzes us further about live gigs, waxing, Leah's preferred name of the CD and much more. We also take the time to feature the next 3 songs on the CD, "Don't Let Them Cut Your Roses Down", "Slave" and "B.A.B.Y". more…

5 Oct 07 - Check out our new photos....
As promised last week week we have uploaded photos from the Oaktree fundraiser at "The Venue". It was so much fun to play, though strangely even though we were having a great time not a single photo features any of us smiling. We must be a very solemn bunch. more…

3 Oct 07 - zwish has a podcast
Yes anyone who knows us, knows that we don't mind talking. We thought what better way to share the last year plus of our life that has been the making of "Grip On Reality" than recording a series of podcasts. Zak asks the hard questions and we ramble on about everything and anything that happened in the last year. In the first week Tom reveals something we never knew about his recording, we talk about gangster rap, explain the meaning of and preview the first three tracks on the CD "Toy Boy", "Sorry Is The Hardest Word" & "Radical Individualist". You can download it and listen to it at your leisure from our Podcasts page. more…

1 Oct 07 - Fan(s) Of The Month
We have two fans of the month this month. No we aren't that popular. Last month we were so caught up in finishing the recording of "Grip On Reality" that we forgot to introduce September's fan of the month Sean. Yes shame on us. Sean has always been one of the craziest moshers at any of our all ages gigs and one day he will blow up a million cars for a zwish video clip. Sean is sharing the stage this month with Hayley who is also a crazy mosher and says she wants to be the lead singer of zwish. How could we not make her fan of the month? more…

29 Sep 07 - On the Road Again....
After a rare Canberra gig last Saturday to support the Oaktree Fundraiser, which was a blast, photos next week, we are back out to the country. Actually back to Temora to be exact. We are playing 2 different sets with our good friends "The Remainders". We are very excited to be back there again.

22 Sep 07 - zwish steps out for charity.....
zwish has the great honor of playing this weekend to support the Oaktree Foundation. The Oaktree Foundation was established by former young Australian of the Year, Hugh Evans, and this year their aim is to build a library in every school in Timor Leste. A key component of this is the "oneday of music" held this Saturday 29th September at The Venue in Erindale. The line up features some of the best bands from Canberra and is headlined by Borne from Melbourne. It will be great fun and we are really excited about it. Some please come along this Saturday, watch the best Canberra has to offer and help support a great cause. more…

15 Sep 07 - "Don't Let Them Cut Your Roses Down" picked up around the world
Our song "Don't Let them Cut Your Roses Down" has been picked up by an amazing number of podcasters around the world and to be used in their podcast shows. You have to love the world wide web. Some of the podcasts we are in are just crazy. Some of our favorites are "GDs bite size bonus" with his corny 50's style skits, serious "Night Guy Under the Rock" from Israel and "X Pat Radio" from Wisconsin. There are many more but we haven't had time to listen to them all. You really should check them out.

8 Sep 07 - New Photos
We have new photos up from our gig at The Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle. They had a smoke machine, which we love, so we all look extra sexy. Don't take our word for it, check them our for yourself. more…

1 Sep 07 - The name of the CD is........
"Grip on Reality"... The winner, Phil Anzyer, from Long Island in New Jersey, came up with this name after reading through the proposed lyrics and listening to the demo tracks. He said "I've chosen the name "Grip on Reality" as it appears a lot of songs on your new CD seem to deal with varying grips on reality. Whether this is through depression, being blinded by sexism, blind sided by lust, following the beauty myth, popularity or drug use. It seems to be a them through out." The name rang true for us. Yes we know postage isn't going to be cheap on his prize. Thanks to all those who entered. It wasn't an easy choice.

25 Aug 07 - The CD Launch is.....
Friday 19th October at The Pot Belly Bar. Doors Open at 8pm with Hayley kicking off at 8:30pm, The Remainders 9:10pm and we will be on stage at 10pm. After that we will be kicking back and having a few noisy drinks. We'll be doing some serious celebrating. We'll let you know more about the night the closer it gets. Until then enjoy the first single.

17 Aug 07 - The first single is.......
"Don't Let Them Cut Your Roses Down". The song was written by Bryn for his Dad while his Dad was going through a server bout of depression last year. It is probably a little mellower than you would have come to expect from us. You can stream it from our home page. We hope you like it. It's something pretty special for us.

10 Aug 07 - "Cootamundra RSL" Photos online
A selection of colorful photos from our gig at the Cootamundra RSL are up online. Yes the stage was big so there was much running around and craziness to be had. It was a great night more…

8 Aug 07 - "sleepwalker" is on itunes
You can now buy the "sleepwalker" CD from itunes. You can download all the tracks including JJJ favorite "Wonderful Life", fan favorite "Let Me Love You" and our mellowest ever track "Was It All For This". You can also hear Teddy, this months fan of the month, vocals on "Apathy Rush" & "Hey You", just. So hop on over to itunes and send us some love. The direct link is zwish itunes or you can go to the itunes home page and search for us itunes store

4 Aug 07 - zwish & the snow
With one of the best snow seasons in memory and bumper ski crowds, zwish have been very fortunate to be invited to play at The Lake Jindabyne Hotel this Thursday night. So if you are down snow skiing the slopes call on in and jump around like crazy with us.

1 Aug 07 - Fan Of The Month for August
This month's fan of the month is Teddy, also know as Rodney Sheils. Teddy has been involved with many zwish projects and is the only person to have had the pleasure of licking Leah's face. Mmmm yes. Find out what other "exciting" things he has been up to. more…

29 July 07 - Rob is leaving zwish
After a year of slapping and strutting his way across the stage Rob has decided to hang up his bass. Rob’s work is about to take him overseas more and more, the lucky bastard, add to this involvement with Camp Quality, White Ribbon Day and various Refugee groups and his available time became less and less. There are only so many hours in a day. It is a sad day for us.

But don't despair, you have two opportunities this week to farewell Rob before he mothballs his music dreams.

ANU Bar - Thursday 2nd August
Join us for Rob’s last gig on the big stage. The same stage that has been played by Nirvana, The Lemonheads, Hole, Butterfly Effect and Magic Dirt. Joining us on the night will be Newcastle band “The Mercy Call” & “Utility”. Rob has even promised to bring out his famous or infamous bum dance one last time. Doors open at 8pm, $5 will get you in.

Pot Belly Bar - Friday 3rd August
Our favourite little pub will play host to Rob's last ever gig. There is good chance that you will see Rob fulfill at least one of his rock dreams and that is to be the lead singer of a rock band, even if it is just for one song. Joining us on the night will be all girl band “Crush” and “The Dirty Little Secrets”. Door open 8pm and it'll set you back $5.

18 July 07 - "Hey You" Video Clip Online
The video clip for "Hey You" is now online. The clip is actually a world first as no other band in the world has delved into the hidden arts of male pole dancing to make a music video clip before. Expect enthusiastic and athletic dancing the likes of which you have never seen before. Costumes, glitter and glamour and the car washing scene may change your life forever.
Video Page OR YouTube

14 July 07 - The "Bootleg Sessions" Photos
A selection of mellow photos, matching the mellow set we played, from last Monday night's "Bootleg Sessions" are now online. For those of you who missed our first ever mellow set, you also missed our last ever mellow set. It was a unique and wonderful experience. More?

11 July 07 - Zwish & Myspace.....
We have a myspace page. It is sleek, it is sexy and it is pink and black. It has video clips, mp3s, photos and much more. If you ever wanted to know what other fans of zwish looked like you can search through our friends list and see many happy smiling faces. If you already have myspace and are not one of our friends come on over and add us. More

8 July 07 - "Hey You" Video Clip Photos
"Your best clip ever", "a visual spectacular", "it scared me for life". These are just some of the comments concerning the video clip we have put together for the song "Hey You" off our "sleepwalker" CD. The clip will be available first to you, being a mailing list member, next Monday morning. To give you a little taste for it, a selection of photos taken from the video clip are online now. Think of it as a making of "Hey You" feature. More

4 July 07 - Zwish live @ The Bootleg Sessions
Zwish will be playing next Monday night (9th) at the Phoenix Bar as part of the bootleg sessions. We have the pleasure of closing the night out at 11pm. Given the nature of the Bootleg Sessions we will be playing our first ever "mellow" set. Well mellow for us, we haven't exactly turned into Coldplay. So come on down, have a few beers and watch us play some of our slower and softer tunes, some for the first time ever live.

2 July 07 - Fan Of The Month for July
Speaking of Alex he is this month's fan of the month. Alex takes all the photos at our gigs and edits them up, always with a smile. Find out about his secret man crush on Tom and his crazy future plans. More

30 June 07 - "The Venue" Photos
A selection of exciting photos from last Thursday night's gig at the "The Venue gig are now online. Big thanks to Alex for his handy camera and editing work. Yes "The Venue" even had a smoke machine. More

27 June 07 - Name That CD... the lyrics
After giving you samples of the music for our next CD, this week it is time for the lyrics. Yes reading lyrics without the music is a little strange and some of them even seem a little silly. Now who would of thought that? . More

24 June 07 - Zwish live @ The Venue
This Thursday night (28th) we are playing for the first time at a new place called "The Venue". "The Venue" is located in Erindale, 38 Gartside Street to be exact, and we are performing as part of their independent band night. The night kicks off at 8pm, is 18+ and best of all it is FREE. So come out this Thursday night and hear some of our new songs while jumping around like crazy in the mosh pit. Think of it as an extra gym session for the week. We'll keep you fit.

22 June 07 - Zwish on itunes
In what is very exciting for us you can now buy all the tracks from "Driver Side Airbag" from itunes in the US, UK and Australia. It does give us quite a buzz to see our CD in the world's largest online store. The cover even seems sexier for some reason. Anyway you can preview the tracks and if you want to send us some love, buy a song or two.

11 June 07 - Landspeed Records Promotion enters it's last week
This is the last week for you to get into visit our friends at Landspeed Records, make any CD purchase and get your FREE zwish sample disc. So if you've been thinking of buying a CD then this week is last week that you can get us free as. Make sure you don't miss out. Tell them that we sent you.

8 June 07 - zwish joins the Greenhouse Challenge Plus Programme
zwish has officially joined the Australian Government's Greenhouse Challenge Plus Programme. The Greenhouse Challenge Plus Programme is a joint initiative between industry and the Australian Government to reduce Australia's Greenhouse emissions. zwish is the first and only Australian Band to join the programme and joins BHP, Westpac, World Vision, The Grand Hyatt in Melbourne and over 730 other organizations. We have agreed to monitor, report and more importantly reduce our greenhouse emissions every year. It is something that is important to us. more....

6 June 07 - zwish & ABC Radio
We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Claire Gorman of ABC Radio this week. Yes we fall some what outside of ABC AM's typical style but Claire is their enviromental reporter and she spent time digging around our environmental credentials. You can listen to the interview on the ABC website and find out the small way we reduce our footprint on the world. You can also find zwish's total emissions for last year and learn how we are reducing them. more....

4 June 07 - "Wonderful Life" Video Clip
The original "wonderful life" video clip was put up on youtube, had over 2000 views in its first week and then was taken down for having a little bit too much nudity in it. We have re-edited it, taken a little bit of the nudity out and it is back up on youtube. Be warned though the clip features plastic surgery gone wrong and it isn't for everyone. Have a look and see for yourself. YouTube OR Video Page

2 June 07 - Fan Of The Month for June
Jadey, also know as J-Crunk, was the first person to discover us on myspace and is always the first person ever to comment on any of our songs or photos. As such she has a very special place in our heart. She is this month’s fan of the month. more....

30 May 07 - "Broken" Video Clip
The video clip for "Broken" is now up on our website and on Youtube. The idea behind the clip was to take live footage of us and turn it into a cartoon. This was to try and reflect the over the top cartoon type energy we try to bring to the stage. For a few reasons, mainly lighting, it didn't turn out the way it was meant to. It still isn't bad. No this isn't the male pole dancing clip that we know you have been waiting for. We are clearing out a slight backlog of clips before we unleash that one on the world. YouTube OR Video Page

27 May 07 - "Toast" Photos
A selection of photos from last Thursday nights gig at Toast are now online. You will notice in a few shots that there are less than the normal number of band members on stage. That is because the other bands members are jumping around like crazy in the mosh pit. It was that type of gig. more....

25 May 07 - Band Member Profiles (Part V)
This is our last week in the getting to know your zwish band members. This week Bryn answers questions on what he is thinking, what he is drinking and what he is reading. more....

23 May 07 - "Tuggeranong Youth Centre" Photos
Yes even more photos from another one of our All Ages gigs. This time at the Tuggeranong Youth Centre. Trusty Alex again took the happy snaps. Even though guitars broke, amps screamed and a million other technical problems descended upon us, we actually had a great gig. We enjoyed it so much that we invited one of the bands that we shared the bill with, "Dance With Amps", to play with us this Thursday night. more....

21 May 07 - Band Member Profiles (Part IV)
Another week getting to know the zwish family. In the 4th part of band member profiles you get to discover in the craziness of our guitarist and vocalist Sam. We all know that Rob & Bryn claim to be vocalists as well, but Sam actually can sing. more....

19 May 07 - "Pot Belly Bar" Photos
A selection of sexy photos, well as sexy as we get, from Friday 4th May at the Pot Belly Bar gig are now online. Big thanks to Alex for her handy camera work. Still can't work out why he focused in on Leah so much.... more....

17 May 07 - Buy any CD at Landspeed Records and get zwish for FREE
Thats right starting today when ever you make a CD purchase from our friends at Landspeed Records you will get a FREE zwish sample disc. This promotion is only on for a limited time. Really is no better time to get into Landspeed Records and pick up that CD you've been thinking of. Make sure you get your free zwish sample disc and tell them that we sent you.

14 May 07 - zwish in the City
We are playing at the Toast Bar in Civic on Thursday 24th May. Doors open at 8pm and we will be on stage slightly after 9pm. All very nice and early so you can come on down, have a quiet beer, watch us strut our stuff, and still get home with plenty of time for all that beauty sleep. All this for only $5.

11 May 07 - Band Member Profiles (Part III)
Continuing getting to know your zwish band members, in the 3rd part of band member profiles you get to discover in the inner mind of our drummer Tom. Find out what he his listening to, his love of icing sugar and who, sorry what he does when he is happy. more....

9 May 07 - Zwish Live Video Clip
For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of seeing us live and might be a little unsure of what to expect we have posted footage of us performing at "Rock The Bowl" on the video clips page of our website. Yes the audio is scratchy and the footage is rough and raw but it should give you an idea of what we are like live. You can also see it on youtube. more.... OR YouTube

30 April 07 - Band Member Profiles (Part II)
In the 2nd part of band member profiles this week you get to discover the life joys and disappointments of our bass player Rob. Find out what he is reading, what he is thinking and who he finds to be the most annoying band member. more....

26 April 07 - Zwish's First 18+ Gig for the Year
After playing a “million” all ages gigs this year we will be playing their first 18+ gig of the year. Friday 4th May at the Pot Belly Bar, along with our friends Manilla Green and The Remainders, we will be kicking it out. $5 will get you in with the night kicking off at 8:30pm. Come along and have a few beers with us and be among the first to hear some of our new songs.

24 April 07 - "Rendezvous at the Creek" Photos
Photos from last Friday night's "Rendezvous at the Creek" gig are now online. Yes Rob was slightly over dressed for the occasion but he always likes to over achieve. Big thanks to Gen for her handy camera work. more....

22 April 07 - Band Member Profiles
The response to the fan of the month has been overwhelming. The common comment was why do we now know more about one of your fans than any of your band members. To correct this we now have band member "profiles". First up is Leah. Find our what her favorite moves are, what she does to relax and which band member she hates, sorry dislikes. more....

19 April 07 - Zwish & JJJ Unearthed
Well we finally jumped on the band wagon and have uploaded our music to the JJJ Unearthed page. We even have a nice little profile you can check out. You can review our songs and leave us comments. Why should you care? Well by going to our JJJ uneathed page you can download for three mp3s from our latest CD "sleepwalker". They are the three most popular songs, "Wonderful Life", "Hey You" & "Miss You". more....

16 Apr 07 - "Rock the Bowl" Photos
A selection of photos from last Saturday night's "Rock the Bowl" festival are up online now. "Rock the Bowl" was an all ages event celebrating Youth Week. It was being held at the Young Weir in Young, NSW. As with all our gigs in the country it was an absolute blast. Big thanks to Stephanie Cunningham for her camera work. more....

9 April 07 - "Hey You" Video Clip
After filming video clips that have featured females smashing cars with sledge hammers, plastic surgery gone wrong and clowns chasing and abusing people down the street people have asked how are we going to top that for our next clip? Well the clip for "Hey You" is going to feature the little spoken of secret art of male pole dancing. The clip is going to be shot on Sunday 29th April with a collection of Canberra's "best" male pole dancers. It promises to be shockingly good, maybe just shocking. Mailing list members will be able to view the clip exclusively from Monday 14th May a week before anyone else.

2 April 07 - Fan Of The Month
We have added a new feature to our website, the very exciting "fan of the month". This month Nathan Madsen has the honour of being the fan of the month. Nathan answers a few questions about zwish, his life and his ability to blow things up with lasers. more....

21 March 07 - Zwish & "Rock The Bowl
We are headlining the "Rock the Bowl" festival on Saturday 14th April. "Rock the Bowl" is a FREE all ages event celebrating Youth Week.  It is being held in Young, NSW at the Young Weir. It is the second time we have played in Young and judging by the last time we played there is should be a fantastic night.  more...

7 March 07 - Zwish & The Civic Library
If you do not yet have the pleasure of owning a copy of our new CD "sleepwalker", thanks to the ACT Government you can now go into the Civic Library and borrow a copy for your listening pleasure.  Yes the Civic Library is currently closed due to the freak storm Canberra experienced on the 27th February but you can order it online for pick up at any library in the ACT. You can search for zwish at http://www.librarycatalogue.act.gov.au/

22 February 07 - Rendezvous at the Creek
Zwish is playing at "Rendezvous at the Creek" in celebration of Youth Week.  "Rendezvous at the Creek" is on Friday 20th April at the Weston Creek Community Center.  It is an ALL AGES Youth Week event and is only $5.  It features Us, Kempsey, Escape Syndrome, Fistful Of Nothing, Paqman, Not For The Faint Hearted, The Friday Kill, Vera Cruise Another Day, Surrender.

8 February 2007 – Zwish & the Canberra Band Explosion
Zwish is playing, along with 40 other great Canberra Bands at the “Canberra Band Explosion” . The Canberra Band Explosion is all about showcasing what Canberra has to offer as a live scene. 41 live local acts spread across 2 indoors stages and 1 outdoor stage all on 1 day. You'll be able to catch all types of styles ranging from Rock, Dance, Hip Hop, Metal, Ska, Indie and Acoustic. Zwish has the great pleasure of opening the day so we will be on stage at 12pm – 12:30pm. After that we’ll be taking it easy and watching the rest of the great bands. Tickets $10 AA, $20 18+

22 January 2007 –Landspeed Records stocks “sleepwalker”
The fine people at Landspeed records have agreed to stock copies of our new CD “Sleepwalker”. If you are in Canberra you can go in and see them and their fine range of CDs at 30 Garema Pl Civic. Of course you can still buy our CD online at “Somersault Music” .

8 January 2007 – Zwish live @ “High Voltage”
Get along to the Weston Creek Community Centre this Friday night to catch zwish along with Darkest Day, Hornography, Johno & the Trannies & Dogact playing in High Voltage. Tickets $10. All Ages show.

26 December 2006 – Zwish and the podcast
You can now download zwish’s first ever podcast. We had the pleasure of sitting with the guys and girls from loadedog (Nigel, John Griffiths, Jim Boots & Gertrude) and mulling over a number of topics. It actually makes us sound funnier than what we are. The link is http://www.loadedog.com/pod/pod63/pod63.shtml. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

22 December 2006 – We have a Guestbook
Yes we now have a guestbook so you can say hello, leave a comment and generally run amock. If you leave your email address we will even write back to you.

18 December 2006 – Zwish 2007 Calendar
You can download the Zwish 2007 Calendar from the “downloads” page of our website. The calendar is us at our sexy best, not, and also has the birthdays of each of the members.

11 December 2006 – “Murmur” mp3
You can now stream the final track from “sleepwalker”, “murmur” from the mp3 page on our website. “Murmur” is about a conversation that most of us hope we never have to have.

4 December 2006 – “Was It All For This” mp3
You can now stream the 11th track from the “sleepwalker” CD, “was it all for this” from the mp3 page on our website. “was it all for this” is about the effect bulimeia has on a person.

28 November 2006 – Cherryhaven Music Festival Photos
You can view photos of our gig at the Cherryhaven Music Festival from the photos page . The gig was a blast and we had a great time. A big thanks to the people of Young and the surrounds for making us feel so welcome.

24 November 2006 – Zwish on Star FM
Get up early this morning to hear us on Young’s 93.9 Star FM Breakfast Show with “Hado and Loz”. We will be playing a couple of tunes and giving away a copy or two of our CD. We will be on between 7:00-7:30am. Yea very early for us. It is all part of the promotion for this weekends “Cherryhaven Music Festival”.

22 November 2006 – Zwish in the “Young Witness”
If you follow the link you can read a little write up about us in the “Young Witness”. Yes our website is wrong but you get that. Young Witness Article

20 November 2006 – “Riot of My Own” mp3

You can now stream the 10th track from our CD “sleepwalker” from the mp3 page on our website. “Riot of My Own” is about the stupidity of the Cronulla riots.

18 November 2006 – Rob jumps on stage
Last night’s gig was a momentus occasion. For the first time ever instead of just strutting Rob actually jumped on stage. No just once. We feel we dn’t know him anymore. Big thanks to Elieen Francisco & The Rostovs for the supports. Thanks also to all those that came. We had a blast.

13 November 2006 – “I Do” mp3 download
You can now download the 8th track from our CD “sleepwalker” from the mp3 page on our website. “I Do” is about divorce and how the choice to stay together for the kids isn’t the right one. Who wants to live in a house where silence is fear and you don’t dare make a mistake for the fear of setting off another fight.

9 November 2006 – Zwish and the “Cherryhaven Orchards Music Festival"
We are exceptionally happy to have been added to the line up of the the “Cherryhaven Orchards Music Festival” to be held in Young on Saturday 25th November. We are pumped to be part of 10 hours of live music from the best up and coming bands in the region. Gates open at noon. $15 entry, Children under 10 are free.

6 November 2006 – “Apathy Rush” mp3 download
You can now download the 8th track from our CD “sleepwalker” from the mp3 page on our website. “Apathy Rush” is about the pointlessness of choices that we face. Why is it better to work in McDonalds than to not work at all. What do we really achieve. It also borrows the chorus for a 60’s cartoon show.

30 October 2006 – Delay to the “Hey You” videoclip
We thought an animated clip, that sounds like a great idea. We don’t have to film it, just come up with the story, draw it up and it will be done. How wrong we were. It hasn’t been that easy at all and as such the next video clip from the CD “sleepwalker” has been delayed. Until when you ask. Christmas.

23 October 2006 – “Let Me Love You” mp3 download
You can now download the 7th track from our CD “sleepwalker” from the mp3 page on our website. “Let Me Love You” is about the fine line between love and obsession and how in most cases they are the same thing except one has permission. It features Leah’s best sleazy voice.

20 October 2006 | 150,000 MP3 Downloads
Thanks to you zwish.net reached the 150,000 mp3 download milestone today. A very big thank you to you. To all those that have downloaded our songs over the last 18 months we hope you have enjoyed them and we have loved getting your comments. Thank you again. For interest "It Ends Tonight" is the most downloaded song.

16 October 2006 – “Broken” mp3 download
You can now download the 6th track from our CD “sleepwalker” from the mp3 page on our website. “Broken” is a burst of pure energy inspired by Sonic Youth. We love playing it live.

12 October 2006 – Zwish on Television
Tune into Channel 31 in Brisbane next Wednesday night at 9:30pm to see Zwish on Television for the first time. Well it won’t be us but it will be our video clip for “Wonderful Life”.

10 October 2006 – Zwish this Friday at The Greenroom
Come and watch zwish support the Ground Components and The Gingers this Friday at the Greenroom. Ground Components have just been added to the bill at both "Homebake" and "The Falls Festival" so you know it will be a good show. Tickets are $10. Doors Open 8pm.

9 October 2006 – “Cut To Bleed” mp3 download
You can now download the 5th track from our CD “sleepwalker” from the mp3 page on our website. “Cut To Bleed” is about cutting yourself to gain control of your emotions.

5 October 2006 – CD Launch Photos online
You can now view a selection of photos from the CD launch from our photos page. We will be putting more up but this collection should wet your appetite.

2 October 2006 – “It’s Not My Fault” video clip
You can now download the video clip for “It’s Not My Fault” from the video clip page of our website. The clip mocks 1-800 love lines that dominate TV after 11pm. As with all our clips it has our own unique take on the situation and as always was fun to shoot. Some fantastic performance were put in by Liz, Hanna, Jasmine, Madsen, Zak and our very own Rob. You could even believe that they actually cared for each other.

25 September 2006 – “Miss You” mp3 download
You can now download the fourth track from our new CD “sleepwalker” from the mp3s page. “Miss You” is about a girl that Bryn use to know.

24 September 2006 – Shooting of the “It’s Not My Fault” Video Clip
Inspite of the fantastic Canberra spring weather we shot the “It’s Not My Fault” today. Luckly most of it was set inside. A big thank you to Liz, Hanna, Jasmine, Madsen and Zak for their fantastic acting skills and their sense of humour. The clip is a paradoy of those 1800 love lines that dominate the TV late at night. It will be avalible for download next Monday.

23 September 2006 – Demolition Party Chaos
Making it two crazy gigs in two weeks we had a blast at the Demolition Party in Narrabundah tonight. The evening was in full swing until our set brought the Police around and pretty much closed the whole thing down. Who would have thought destorying a house could be so much fun. Who would have thought people would care.

17 September 2006 – “Hey You” mp3 avaliable for download
You can now download the third track from our new CD “sleepwalker” from the mp3s page. “Hey You” is a break up song.

16 September 2006 – CD Launch Goes Off
A big thank you to all those that turned out last night for our CD launch. It was great to see so many people there and even better to see so many of you wearing those zwish t-shirts. A big thank you to “Udo” and “the cold heart projects” for their fantastic shows. If you get the chance check both of them out, you won’t be disapointed.

11 September 2006 – “Its Not My Fault” mp3 download
You can now download the second single from our new CD “sleepwalker” from the mp3s page. The second single ”It’s Not My Fault” is about the attitude than some males hold that “yes dear I can still love you even if I beat you”. The CD “sleepwalker” will launched this Saturday night at the ANU Bar.

4 September 2006 – “Wonderful Life” Video Clip
You can now download the video clip for the first single “Wonderful Life” from the video clips page. While it is our best ever clip we must warm people that there are some images during the clip that people may find disturbing. It also does contain some nudity though not good nudity. Plastic surgery is an ugly thing.

28 August 2006 – Lyrics for “sleepwalker”
You can now download all the lyrics from our forth coming release “sleepwalker” from the lyrics page of our website. The CD “sleepwalker” will be out 16th September. You can download the first single “Wonderful Life” from the mp3 page.

21 August 2006 – “Wonderful Life” mp3 download
You can now download the first single from our new CD “sleepwalker” from the mp3s page. The first single”Wonderful Life” mocks the joy of plastic surgery and the love of replacable body parts. The CD “sleepwalker” will be out 16th September.

10 July 2006 | Sam Cunningham joins zwish
Because Bryn can't solo and Leah can't do harmonies with herself Sammie Cunningham has joined zwish. Sam brings a fantastic voice and some serious guitar credability to the band.

19 June 2006 | Zwish Returns to the Stage
Come along to the Pot Belly Bar this Thursday night (22 June) and you can see Zwish return to the stage. Yes it has only been 3 line up changes and 1 year between gigs but my hasn’t the time flown.

1 May 2006 | Rob Regent joins Zwish
With Scott's departure to Brisbane for love, yea isn't it sweet, we have needed a new bass player. After a few false starts and strange auditions Rob Regent has joined zwish. Rob will bring his own unique style to zwish amd we look forward to it.

28 February 2006 | 100,000 MP3 Downloads
Thanks to a surge in downloads from our German friends over the last month zwish.net reached 100,000 mp3 download milestone today. A very big thank you to all those that have downloaded our songs over the last 12 months and we hope you have enjoyed them. At the moment we are working hard and we promise that some new songs will be up in the not to distant future.

28 December 2005 | “Prozac Nation” re-recording finished
You can now all the re-recorded tracks from “Prozac Nation” from the mp3 page of our website. "We should Be Together" is the song that has benefited the most from the extra recording.

16 December 2005 | 2006 Zwish Calendar
You can now download the 2006 Zwish Calendar from the Downlaods page of our website.

28 November 2005 | “End” Video Clip download
You can now download the “End” video clip from the Video Clip page of our website. Making the clip was probably the most fun we have ever had. Who would have thought that smashing a car would be so therapeutic. We recommed it to everyone. The higlight would have of been discovering that Teddy had a third nipple. It is only seen for a limited in the super slow motoion part of the clip.

27 October 2005 | 50,000 MP3 Downloads
At around 1am this morning we had our 50,000 mp3 download for 2005. To say we are a little bit happy is an understatement. Thank you to all those that have downloaded our songs. We hope you have enjoyed them and we promise that some new songs will be up in the not to distant future.

26 September 2005 | “For A Moment” mp3 download
You can now download the re-recorded version of “For A Moment” from our first EP “Prozac Nation” from the mp3 page of our site. This song is mockingly refered to as Zwish's big ballard. It is far from that.

19 September 2005 | “Love Yourself” mp3 download
You can now download the re-recorded version of “Love Yourself” from our first EP “Prozac Nation” from the mp3 page of our site. The song is different to a majority of our songs as it captures a hip hop beat and Leah does her best Missy Elliot impression.

12 September 2005 | “Stay” mp3 download
You can now download the re-recorded version of “Stay” from our first EP “Prozac Nation” from the mp3 page of our site. The song captures the conversion between an adopted child and their biological parent years after the event. How do you explain the decisions you made 16-17 years ago. How do you explain a decision you made when you have been second guessing yourself every day since.

5 September 2005 | “Sugar Toxic Crimson” mp3 download
You can now download the re-recorded version of “Sugar Toxic Crimson” from our first EP “Prozac Nation” from the mp3 page of our site. The song is about a backyard heroin experiment gone wrong.

29 August 2005 | “Prozac Nation” mp3 download
You can now download the re-recorded version of “Prozac Nation” from our first EP “Prozac Nation” from the mp3 page of our site. The song captures an exact conversation between Bryn and one of his friends that had beenr ecently prescribed prozac. He was trying to describe what it was like. He was put on prozac because of a suicide attempt and he said yea it works I guess because I no longer want to kill myself but now I don’t really care if I do. The absence of feeling is a wonderful thing.

9 August 2005 | “Unfulfilled” mp3 download
You can now download “Unfulfilled” from the mp3 page of our site. The song is about a situation we have all know. Holding onto a relationship that is dead and empty of passion. Wanting change but being to afraid to let go. Instead making up an orgy of excuses as to why it isn’t that bad. In the end it just delays the inevitable.

1 August 2005 | Delays in the “End” Video Clip
Unfortunately due to prop errors the Video Clip for “End” will not be up today. There is nothing like a big explosion going wrong to ruin your budget. We hope to have fixed up the damaged equipment and re-shot the clip so that it is up by early September.

25 July 2005 | “It Ends Tonight” mp3 download
You can now download “It Ends Tonight” from the mp3 page of our site. The song is concerns spousal abuse .

11 July 2005 | “Obsession of Skin” mp3 download
You can now download “Obsession of Skin” from the mp3 page of our site. The song is about well known mass murder that use to kill his victims and then use their skin to create his own suit of skin. When ahe was on trial he explained that when he put their skin on he felt invincible, that he could use it to hide all his imperfections and insecurities. He said it was his own version of stay fast make up by Revlon.

29 June 2005 | “Shortage of Angels” Video Clip download
You can now download the “Shortage of Angels” video clip from the Video Clip page of our website. Unlike our pervious two clips which were fun and throwaway, this one is a little moody and contains adult themes. No nudity though. While Scott is more than happy to nude up for arts sake we have yet to have any volunteers to actually film Scott’s artistic nudity.

21 June 2005 | “Shortage of Angels” mp3 download
You can now download “Shortage of Angels” from the mp3 page of our site.

14 June 2005 | “End” MP3 mp3 download
You can now download “End” from the mp3 page of our site. This song marks the point on “Driver Side Airbag” where we switch from being a punky band to being a little more melodic. This is probably one of our favourite songs to play live. Look out for the kick ass video clip.

7 June 2005 | “And To Feel Again” MP3 mp3 download
You can now download “And To Feel Again” from the mp3 page of our site. The song is different from every other song on the CD “Driver Side Airbag”. It has a much more playful feel and contains clever rather than angry lyrics.

1 June 2005 | Zwish June Newsletter
You can now download Zwish’s June newsletter from the downloads page of our website. It features such highlights as an interview with Scott our bass player, Matt’s nipple and our comic strip.

24 May 2005 | "Song For My Dumped And Oh So Easily Replaced Best Friend" mp3 download
You can now download “Song For My Dumped And Oh So Easily Replaced Best Friend” from the mp3 page of our site. Besides being easily the longest song title in our collection it also, contains language that may offend some people. You have been warned

17 May 2005 | "Alright" video clip available for download
You can now download the latest Zwish video clip to the first song on the CD “Alright”. It stars our very own bass player Scott, lead singer Leah and well known local actors Harry Greenwell, Rodney Shields, David Zakharoff and Caleb Gannon. It was great fun to make and not a single clown was hurt during the filming, except for the unfortunate cream pie fight at the end.

10 May 2005 | "I Got A Girl" mp3 download.
You can now download the 5th track, “I Got A Girl” taken from our CD “Driver Side Airbag” from the mp3 page. The song has caused a little bit of a stir as many people have interpreted it as Leah’s ode to a lesbian lover. The official line is that it is about the joys of decadent drug use, which as we all know can be sweeter than any kiss.

3 May 2005 | CD Launch Party Photos available for viewing.
You can now view photos from our CD launch for “Driver Side Airbag” on the photos page of our website.

27 April 2005 | "Get What You Want And Get It For Free" mp3 download.
You can download “Get What You Want And Get It For Free” from the MP3s page of our website. “Get What You Want And Get It For Free” is the fourth track from the new CD “Driver Side Airbag”. It is probably our most punky song. The song concerns date rape.

18 April 2005 | "Stay Away From Me" mp3 download.
You can download “Stay Away From Me” from the MP3s page of our website. “Stay Away From Me” is the third track from the new CD “Driver Side Airbag” and is a personal favourite of our guitarist Bryn. The song is about the attitude of pity that people take to people with a disability. Oh they can't do this, they can't do that, poor them. Really itt is pretty fucked up when you only see the disability and not the person.

16 March 2005 | CD Launch
Well it is finally here. After 2 years, 4 lead singers, 50 songs and 4 recording studios the “difficult” 2nd CD is finished. We will be launching it at TOAST in Canberra on Friday 8th April. The night kicks off at 8:30pm with The Cold Heart Projects opening up and we will be on stage around 10pm. $3 Beers, $3 Shots and $3 entry until 10pm.

13 March 2005 | Hey Joe Video Clip
You are now able to download the video clip for the first single "Hey Joe" from the Video Clips page. The video clip is based around na idea, a primary school for Super Heroes. It features the best child actors Canberra has to offer.

1 March 2005 | First Single Released
You are now able to download the first single "Hey Joe" from our new CD "Driver Side Airbag" on the mp3 page.