now there’s nothing like tequila
to get me high all the time
so cut me another line
and I’ll be just fine

I’ll be your vallum, be my Prozac
I’ll get down and dirty, show me where it’s at
I’ll be your superman, be my supergirl
I’ll snort your kryptonite, least give it a twirl
I can be what I want to be and no-one can stop me

Come check it out

I’ll be your angel
If you’ll be my evangelist
We’ll pretend we can fly
That should give them psychotic fits

I’ll be your Marylyn, be my JFK
I’ll lick you inside and out, if you say it’s okay
I’ll be your Armani, be my Versace
I’ll be your favourite accessory, if you tease me

Where do you want to go today, when everything is so par say
Serve me up another cliché that was fresh yesterday
Apparently being ironic is just the tonic
But don’t you have to believe in something completely
Before you can sell it out cynically